• What do you like about the HUB?

    What's one of the things the HUB works for best for you?   Let me start with an example.  I like how the HUB makes organization easy for the MSOE Book Club MSOE Book Club, a group of faculty (and others?) t...
    Josiah Yoder
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  • MSOE Laptop Battery Problem

    I have recently run into a small problem with my laptop. It has a tendency to shut itself down after it reaches a certain battery percentage, as if the battery reached its critical point before it was supposed to. Thi...
    Dustin Chiasson
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  • Laptop sleep function?

    I would like to be able to put my laptop to sleep as I go to back to back classes, but there doesn't seem to be a function for that.  Is this something we can get fixed?
    Ashley Ksioszk
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  • 9-digit student ID code

    Could somebody please remind me what this "9-digit student ID code" is? Thanks.
    Steven Somers
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