William Farrow posted 1 year ago
>cough< ...I caught the "cold that just won't quit" about 2 weeks ago... >sniff<


  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 1 year ago

    Still going on mine as well!
  • Max Walker

    Max Walker 1 year ago

    I know how that goes, going on month 13 of a cold!
  • Brody Brown

    Brody Brown 1 year ago

    You should try emergen-c, they are packets that come in a box about as big as a pound of butter. Mix a packet with some water and drink it. They have like 1000 milligrams of vitamin c per packet, taste great, and by taking one every few hours you should be better nearly immediately. At least that's how well it has worked in my family.