• Do you need a dresser?

    I have a dresser/mirror I am looking to re-home. 6 drawers, very sturdy.  FREE to whoever can come pick it up.  It's in good shape but probably needs to be repainted and needs two knobs for the top drawers. ...
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  • What is your suggestion for electronic note taking?

    One of my EN132 students asked for ideas for how to take and manage notes electronically (as an alternative to paper index cards), specifically for research papers and keeping track of database articles. I told him I'...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • Quick lunch ideas around MSOE?

    Can you come up with quick, yummy lunch ideas around MSOE? Please keep them to 45 min. round-trip, including walking and eating time.
    William Farrow
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  • Who can see stuff?  :)

    I just have a general question for the experts out there.  So, if I come to a page like this (Faculty and Staff Hub), and post something.  Can only the faculty and staff see the post?  Or can everyone w...
    Mary Nielsen
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  • Summer is coming to an end way too soon. What was the best part of your summer?

    The best part of my summer was definitely meeting and dancing with Donald Driver on stage at the Hey Ocean concert.
    Rachael Morawicz
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  • Advice for new students from faculty, staff and upperclassmen

    What's your best advice, academically speaking, for students new to MSOE?
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  • Shopping Milwaukee

    What/where are the best places to go shopping for any missed school supplies/dorm necessities? Sometimes when moving in, freshmen (or even returners) forget some necessities. Some suggestions for them would be nice!
    Nancy Tanaka
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