• Housing Application Deadline

    I was just wondering is there a priority deadline for the housing application to be turned in by?
    Brody Brown
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  • Admission counselor?

    Hi, just wondering how I get to know who my admission counselor is, so I get to ask him/her any questions that bother my mind.
    Enoch Abbey
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  • Admission question

    I recently applied to MSOE, my GPA is 3.83 and my composite SAT score is 1,040, but my math score is just 490, do you think I have any chance to get accepted of do you think I will be rejected because of my low math S...
    Jorge Vasquez-Salas
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  • AP Credits

    How do AP Calculus BC credits transfer? I know that the AP test score needed to earn any credit is a 4 or 5, but how would this change my schedule as a freshman next year?
    Miya Preston
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    About how many people receive the Presidental Scholarship?
    Rob Derek
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  • I missed the presidential scholarship deadline. Can I still submit it now?

    Hello. I feel terrible, but I missed the presidential scholarship deadline. I was at a friend's from New Year's Eve until today, as the roads were bad and wasn't able to drive on them. I had worked on my essay and was...
    Cassie Giamarusti
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  • Please help

    Hi, I signed up for a tour during january about 2 months ago and i put the date within my phone. Unfortunately all my previous dates and documents were erased. Is their anyway to resend the date that I would tour? T...
    Ryan Ketterhagen
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  • Stuck on Step #1 "Explore"

    My ACT score and transcript have been submitted, but my tracker is still displaying the first step. My HS guidance counselor said to not complete a small part of the application, and said that she has a form on her en...
    Ravi Dhebar
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  • Hub Updates

    Hello again everyone! Welcome to another addition of the Hub Updates Blog. A few updates and reminders... 1. We are currently working on reformatting the layout for the main university calendar.  Currently, it ...
    Kip Kussman
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  • Does being ceritified in AutoCAD and Inventor in high school matter?

    I recently finished my application for MSOE and I wanted to know if being certified in both AutoCAD and Inventor would help exclude me from introductory courses for each. I have certificates for both of them. Does bei...
    Ethan Samberg
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  • How do you check your admission process?

    I am not sure where to go to check my application process.
    Alberto Villanueva
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  • What is a typical weekly classes schedule?

    Are most classes Monday through Thursday, Monday Wed, Tues Thur or Mon Wed Thur?
    Paul Wichmann
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  • Accepted!!

    So excited! Looking forward to next year!!
    Emorie Harty
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  • This is all new, any suggestions where to start

    I am going into Mechanical Engineering, any ideas what to be check out on here.
    Lucas Klema
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  • Transcript/Application Issues

    Hi, I have a few questions about my application; I have sent in the application already, a while ago and received a call from an Admissions Officer pertaining to the fact that my transcripts and ACT scores have not b...
    Melanie Dritlein
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  • Hi, I'm currently enrolled at UWSP and Im signing up for classes, help?

    So I already looked up what classes I can take here that will transfer to MSOE. I'm going to be a architectural engineer and the classes that I can are: MSOE - UWSP MA 136 - Math 120 CH 200 - Chem 115 (Which doesn'...
    Ryan Ketterhagen
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  • I messed up.

    I forgot that I already had a Bridge account in the early summer, before the updates, so I made a new account. I entered my name and the same email I used last time, but now none of my information is there (my applica...
    Alexander Volk
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  • What did the Nurses do this week?

      The first baby of the year was born last week (actually, the mannequin had the baby).  This is our junior nursing class- one of the clinical groups.
    Debra Jenks
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  • Applying online

    I am attempting to apply online, and running into a problem.  After I hit submit, it states that I need to verify my first name. I have attempted to retype it many times, but it won't take.  Do you have any ...
    Ethan Hillmer
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  • Application completed

    I Sent in my application and my ACT scores with my transcript, how do I check on my status of my application?
    Cecilia Chavez
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