Seandra Mitchell posted 2 years ago
I can't believe how COLD it is! I'm truly looking forward to Spring when the flowers around campus start to bloom, and you look forward to going outside.  Oh well, one can only dream!


  • Codi Alger

    Codi Alger 2 years ago

    I still saw a student with shorts on today! Only in WI!
  • Megan Waelti

    Megan Waelti 2 years ago

    Let's pick MSOE up and move it to a Florida or California location in winter, and then back to Milwaukee for Spring, Summer, and Fall!  Somewhere on a beach please! :)
  • David Howell

    David Howell 2 years ago

    I say, time to sunbathe at Bradford Beach! Sand and snow party!
  • Codi Alger

    Codi Alger 2 years ago

    Like good 'ol **** Bacon.
  • Codi Alger

    Codi Alger 2 years ago

    Richard * (apparently by typing is name it thought I was using profanity!)
  • Gerald Soriano

    Gerald Soriano 2 years ago

    I actually like this cold weather! 
  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 1 year ago

    Haha Gerald Soriano I'm glad you've adapted well! :)
  • Paul Fabian

    Paul Fabian 1 year ago

    I could check Funk and Wagnalls or the Farmer's Almanac and I'm sure I'd be wrong, but it sure FEELS like this is the longest winter of my life.