• School Laptop DVD Player: Blu-Ray?

    I'm looking for DVDs to buy, and I want to be able to play DVDs on my laptop (in cases where I don't have access to a TV). Although I have no real problems finding the movies or TV shows I want to see, many of them ha...
    Dustin Chiasson
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  • Are you satisfied with the technology package?

    We're all familiar with the technology package here at MSOE. Over the years, I've heard many people complain that they didn't believe it's worth it. I've yet to hear someone praise the mandatory program.   Are w...
    Andrew Moore
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  • Nutrition for Studying...What do you eat to perform well on tests?

    When I was in college, on exam days, I had a morning ritual. I always woke up at least two hours before a test. I would slam a glass of water, shower and take a slow walk to the cafeteria across campus. It was like a ...
    Kelly Flemming
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  • All Students Email

    Can anyone point me in the direction of who to contact to send an email to all students?
    Brandon Yahr
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  • Lost Green 5 Subject Notebook

    Between Monday (10/21) and Tuesday (10/22) I noticed that I was missing my green Thermodynamics notebook. If anyone sees it around campus, please contact me via email or 715-370-4861. Thanks!
    Megan Kroll
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  • New Laptop Admin Password

    There is a problem with several peoples computers that they cannot download or change any settings on their computer without the Administrator Password. I do not know if this is a bad setup of their Windows Image, or ...
    Samuel Stafl
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  • Do You Want AFFORDABLE Textbooks? If YES, Encourage YOUR Senator & Representative to ACT NOW!

    JORDON SCHULTZ & ELIZABETH MCBRIDE   are two students who have started a grassroots campaign on the MSOE Campus to encourage our STUDENTS, STAFF, FACULTY & ALUMS to Support the Passage of the AFFORDABL...
    Student Activities
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  • What MSOE platform should be first?

    We are working on the mobile version of the website and we are looking for student feedback.  When you visit your personal "My Hub" page, you see 9 different hexagons that link you to other MSOE platforms.  ...
    Dana Grennier
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