• Tim Tuesdays: I Love Milwaukee

    Cream City. Brew City. The City of Festivals. The German Athens of America. Mil-town. Milwaukee is known internationally for many things, including being the home of one of the best engineering schools in the Midwest....
    Tim Valley
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  • Stuck on a problem? Walk your way to an answer.

    We all know that physical exercise is good for our bodies, but it is also good for our brains and our creativity. An article published in yesterday's New Yorker magazine, Why Walking Helps Us Think," describes many...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • Milwaukee Art Museum to unveil MSOE student-built LEGO replica

    One of Milwaukee’s most notable landmarks, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, has been replicated with 15,000 LEGO pieces by students at Milwaukee School of Engineering. The creation includes t...
    MSOE News Services
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  • Hub Updates

    Hello again everyone! Welcome to another addition of the Hub Updates Blog. A few updates and reminders... 1. We are currently working on reformatting the layout for the main university calendar.  Currently, it ...
    Kip Kussman
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