• Courses

    Anyone know where I can find a list of all the courses we have at MSOE by number and name?
    Matthew Nelson
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  • Summer leisure reading: Have you read a good book lately?

    Have you read anything good this summer? Perhaps something you'd recommend to others? We'd love to hear about the books you love to read.
    Walter Schroeder Library
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  • Milwaukee's hidden gems

    Residents of a city often miss its alluring features...we pass hot tourist spots every day and don't always know it. What are some of your favorite places to go in Milwaukee?
    Emily Vogel
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  • Shopping Milwaukee

    What/where are the best places to go shopping for any missed school supplies/dorm necessities? Sometimes when moving in, freshmen (or even returners) forget some necessities. Some suggestions for them would be nice!
    Nancy Tanaka
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