• Biomedical Engineers are the Best

    Hello everyone,   My names is Abdullah, and I am a bridge student at MSOE. I am working on a research paper that talks about Biomedical Engineering and why this major is important to the world? Unfortunately, I...
    Abdullah Andergeery
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  • Past St. Pat's Events

    Various Events have taken place during St. Pat's Week.  Here are some images and news clippings documenting some of the events. Parade participation in 1952. A Talent or Variety Show from 1952.
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Books, books, books

    To make a long story short, I was just reminded how difficult it can be to find information resources that our library makes available. If you’re looking for information you think should be available but canR...
    Charles Tritt
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  • Library regulations

    Hello:  Anyone home today?
    Alan Griffis
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  • Which Power Ranger was your favorite?

    Which of the Power Rangers was your favorite?     Vote!  And be sure to come and see actor and Motivational Speaker Jason David Frank on MSOE's Campus on Friday, 05 December 2014 @ 8pm in the Kern C...
    Nick Seidler
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  • Football at MSOE

    We often get asked about past athletics at MSOE, so I thought I'd share some football history- just in time for Thanksgiving Football. The School of Engineering of Milwaukee had a football team, known as the Engin...
    Denise Gergetz
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  • IEEE Xplore Sign In

    Hello,   I was wondering if someone could please tell me the institutional username and password so I can access IEEE articles while off campus.   Thank you, Stephanie
    Stephanie Lynn
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  • Favorite/Best Browser?

    Lisa Rivero
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  • Disney Pixar Movies

    Who loves Disney Pixar movies?  I sure do, but can you pick one favorite? 
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Milwaukee's hidden gems

    Residents of a city often miss its alluring features...we pass hot tourist spots every day and don't always know it. What are some of your favorite places to go in Milwaukee?
    Emily Vogel
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  • Throwback Thursday- Florence Nightingale Lamp

    Monday May 12th was Florence Nightingale's birthday.  In honor of the founder of modern nursing, we are featuring a replica lamp and pamphlet explaining the significance of the Florence Nightingale Lamp.  Th...
    Denise Gergetz
    created by Denise Gergetz
  • Comma Conundrum

    When writing a list, do you include a serial comma (also called an Oxford comma) before the conjunction in a series of three or more terms?  Weigh in on this common comma debate. Would your list read:
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Pi Day!

    Yar... and so forth. Happy Pi Day Everybody! (image retrieved from Google Image Search)
    Lindsay Bastian
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  • Throwback Thursday- Campus Center

    Did you know that the Campus Center has been standing since the 1940s?  The building was originally home to the Blatz Brewery's offices and bottling operation and was later the headquarters for Pabst.  MSOE ...
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Throwback Thursday- Library C Building

    Before the Walter Schroeder Library was built our books and resources called a space in the C Building home.  Here are a few photographs from the previous space.  Dated 1977. 
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Access journal articles on MSOE's subscribed databases

    I understand that the Milwaukee School of Engineering has subscriptions to various databases; however, when I access EBSCO Host or CINAHL through the MSOE's Library web page, I am unable to access the articles without...
    Sarah Etzel
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  • Throwback Thursday- Then and Now

    This week we found a scrapbook from the early 1900s, that was probably put together by a member of the Werwath family.   Here are a few pictures from it of scenes from around Milwaukee.  It's interesting t...
    Denise Gergetz
    created by Denise Gergetz
  • Throwback Thursday- Hail S.O.E.

    Hail S.O.E. Theme and Verse by W.F. Hawley 1925 Arranged by John D. Ball Copyright 1931 I thought we'd share an early piece of the School's history for this week's Throwback Thursday.   This sheet m...
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Some Friday Fun: Hub-ifying Your Fortune - What does yours say?

    A few of us ordered Chinese food which comes with the obligatory fortune cookies so we decided to Hub-ify our fortunes. It struck us as particularly funny at the time, though we may have been blissed out on Crab Rango...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Knit or Crochet?

    Which is easier? Knitting or Crocheting?
    Nancy Tanaka
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