Sherrill Leifer
Thanks for all of the support and good memories at MSOE. Tomorrow is my last day as an employee, but I plan to stay connected. I will always be a part of MSOE and the School of Nursing.
Denise Gergetz
You should touchdown at the Walter Schroeder Library today at 4:30 pm for a book talk featuring author Jim Rice.  There will be tailgate style snacks and a raffle. 
Lena Scheibengraber
I was voter #521 at my polling location last night. What number were you?
Denise Gergetz
Captain: Did you hear there's a new pirate movie?
1st Mate: Oh yeah?
Captain: Yep, it's rated AR!
One of the best pirate jokes.  Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Denise Gergetz
Be sure to take a look at our library's blog post about our new digital collection A History of Radio at MSOE. It's not just eye candy, it's educational, too.