Denise Gergetz
February is a great month for the heart.  Not only is Valentine's Day in February, but February is also American Heart Month.  Check out some heart health books from our library and heart your heart!  
Denise Gergetz
Is there going to be a holiday office decorating contest this year? 
Sherrill Leifer
Thanks for all of the support and good memories at MSOE. Tomorrow is my last day as an employee, but I plan to stay connected. I will always be a part of MSOE and the School of Nursing.
Denise Gergetz
You should touchdown at the Walter Schroeder Library today at 4:30 pm for a book talk featuring author Jim Rice.  There will be tailgate style snacks and a raffle. 
Lena Scheibengraber
I was voter #521 at my polling location last night. What number were you?