Megan Waelti
Congratulations to President Viets!  You have been a tremendous legacy at MSOE and have moved this University to accomplish amazing things!  Happy retirement to you! :)
Amanda Wysk
After taking a little summer vacation, Money Monday is back! Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the first few weeks of summer. If you are in Milwaukee or the surrounding areas, you know this is an…
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Megan Waelti
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I had the best time on our Admissions Staff Retreat on Tuesday! Sunshine, friends, selfies, and a lot of great ideas for our upcoming senior class! :)
Surrounded by the best team I could ask for!  Looking forward to another great year with Seandra Mitchell Elle Meinholz Mandy Runnalls Chao Chang Christoph Opperman Davinci Wallace !!!
Megan Buth
I am so excited to start school at MSOE this fall! (:
Megan Waelti
Hey Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 !!  I know you are all anxious to receive your registration packet!  Don't worry, it will be on its way soon!  Our Registrars Office is working extremely hard to put together your schedules for the fall.  We will be mailing them out soon and with a little extra surprise for you along with them too :)
Megan Waelti
Free donuts at the best donut rest Holey Moley downtown Milwaukee?!  We are there! Elle Meinholz
Megan Waelti
Admissions student workers are the best!  A fun cookout and s'mores was a great way to kick off the summer! :)
Kasey Mylin
I love my internship but I miss my Admissions Office peeps!!! Mandy Runnalls Seandra Mitchell Megan Waelti Joey Dusel Devon Searfoss and everyone else!! (there's to many to tag everyone lol :) )
Megan Waelti
Gearing up for a fun day of registering students!!  Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 you will have your course schedules coming to you soon!! :)
Megan Waelti
Halfway through finals!  Keep up the good work everyone!  You've got this!
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