Kasey Mylin
I love my internship but I miss my Admissions Office peeps!!! Mandy Runnalls Seandra Mitchell Megan Waelti Joey Dusel Devon Searfoss and everyone else!! (there's to many to tag everyone lol :) )
Megan Waelti
Gearing up for a fun day of registering students!!  Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 you will have your course schedules coming to you soon!! :)
Megan Waelti
Halfway through finals!  Keep up the good work everyone!  You've got this!
Megan Waelti
So excited for the incoming class of 2015!!  Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 what are you most excited about?
Megan Waelti
Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 the big day is tomorrow!!! May 1st is here (well tomorrow it is here)!  Time to make that big final college decision!  As always, please reach out to your admission counselor if you have any questions!! Hoping to see you all on campus this fall!!!
Loveday Roman
Made the decision to become an MSOE Raider today! But I knew that was gonna happen all along:))
Megan Waelti
Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 Mark your calendars!  May 1st deadline is fast approaching this FRIDAY already!  Make sure to touch base with your admission counselor Elle Meinholz Mandy Runnalls Christoph Opperman Davinci Wallace Chao Chang or myself to make sure you have everything in that you need! :)  Can't wait to see you all hear this fall as MSOE Raiders!!! Welcome to the MSOE family!
Megan Waelti
Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015!  Admissions would like to wish you all the best as you are finishing up your senior year of high school!!  Graduation will be just around the corner for you!  How exciting!!!  We cannot WAIT to see you on campus this fall as MSOE Raiders!!! :)
Megan Waelti
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I can't believe May 1st is almost two weeks away! Seniors, decision time is here! Please let me Megan Waelti Mandy Runnalls Christoph Opperman Davinci Wallace or Chao Chang know if there is anything we can help you with from now until the deadline.
Hey Seniors!  It's time to make that final college decision!  Make sure to check in with your counselor with final questions and learn the next steps to become an official MSOE RAIDER!! Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 how exciting!!! :)
David Garay
Wisconsin DECA Proficiency Achievement for Human Resource Management! Hard work paid off! RSOB Faculty  Megan Waelti
Tyler Roberson
I have heard and seen from multiple people that the laptops at MSOE that are currently given out are inadequate to run programs for classes or anything really that is needed. Should I expect to have…
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