• Laptops

    I have heard and seen from multiple people that the laptops at MSOE that are currently given out are inadequate to run programs for classes or anything really that is needed. Should I expect to have to buy new RAM mod...
    Tyler Roberson
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  • acceptance

    How and when do I find out if I have been accepted.
    Naomi capes
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  • Letters of recommendation

    Where do I send my letters of recommendation if I choose to do so?
    Claire Chung
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  • MSOE students are national finalists!

    A team of MSOE students has been chosen as one of three finalists to compete at the National Design-Build Student Competition Oct. 7 in Texas. Congratulations and good luck!  MSOE to compete at national design-bu...
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • What makes the business management degree different at MSOE than let's say Marquette or UW-Milwaukee?

    I am seriously considering transferring to MSOE for the business management degree and I just wanted to hear some things from the business students about how the degree is different at MSOE than any other place. I und...
    Giovany Vazquez
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  • Still looking for a roommate!

    My name is Jacob Paiser. I am going to be a Freshman during this upcoming school year. I am going to start out studying mechanical engineering and then possibly switching later down the road. I am looking for a roomma...
    Jacob Paiser
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  • Summer engineering programs

    Who can I contact about getting on a wait list for the summer mechanical engineering program?
    Joshua Becker
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  • Admission Counselor?

    I was wondering who my Admission Counselor is so I can email them about some stuff that is bothering me
    Akshay Verma
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  • Foreign Language requirement

    hi - I completed two years of Spanish in high school. If I attend MSOE with the hopes of getting an M. Engineering degree, do I need more foreign language to graduate?
    Zachary Breider
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  • How do you check your admission process?

    I am not sure where to go to check my application process.
    Alberto Villanueva
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  • Fun in Milwaukee

    What is there to do in Milwaukee that is free?
    Dan Meiser
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  • Acceptance Patience

    I was just wondering what the average time it takes to be sent an acceptance/denial letter was.
    Jacob Paiser
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  • What are you looking forward to this school year?

    The start of a new school year is always exciting. What are you looking forward to most this year?
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • Admission...

    What the GPA and ACT score is required to get admission in MSOE?
    Jenish Gandhi
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  • Hub favorite

    What is your favorite thing about Hub? ( you can say everything)
    Kip Kussman
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  • Bookmarking and Favorites

    Does anyone know how to bookmark a page on HUB and how to favorite something?  I can't seem to figure it out!!  Help!   Becky Jeffers Kip Kussman Dana Grennier Dan Meiser Seandra Mitchell Mandy Ru...
    Megan Waelti
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  • Study Abroad

    Which study abroad option allows me to gain a degree from MSOE and a degree from the international school in just 4 years?
    Megan Waelti
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