Megan Waelti posted 10 months ago
Accepted Student Group-Fall 2014 Don't forget to keep up with Money Mondays in the Financial Aid Group here on the Hub for additional scholarship opportunities!! 


  • Emily Bouska

    Emily Bouska 10 months ago

    I see a group Class of 2018, is there one for the nervous parents (mom) of the class of 2018?
  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 10 months ago

    Bridget Runner would you be willing to calm some fears of a new MSOE mom?
  • Bridget Runner

    Bridget Runner 10 months ago

    I would be happy to Dana.
  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 10 months ago

    Emily Bouska meet Bridget Runner . Bridget is one of the many awesome MSOE parents!  She has lived through what you are experiencing now.  Help is at hand :)
  • Megan Waelti

    Megan Waelti 10 months ago

    Thanks Dana for helping Emily connect with Bridget!