Alexandria Muench posted 1 year ago
When do financial aid packages get sent out?


  • Seandra Mitchell

    Seandra Mitchell 1 year ago

    Hi Alexandria, financial aid packages began going out last week, and will be coming your way soon.  The neat thing is that you can also view your award letter through your HUB account, through the Financial Aid link.  Your Admission Counselor, Dan Meiser will contact you, and will walk through your award package with you.  In the meantime should you have any question, please feel free to contact your Dan Meiser or the Admission Team.
  • Dan Meiser

    Dan Meiser 1 year ago

    Hi Alexandria,

    Your financial aid package was created on 3/4 so you should be getting a letter very soon.  I just looked at your award and I know you will be very happy.  Once you get your letter give me a call (414)277-2577 and I can walk you through your package.

    Have a great day!

  • Alexandria Muench

    Alexandria Muench 1 year ago

    Perfect, thank you! I look forward to receiving it.