Dan Meiser
Remember, you only get one guess. If no one hits the number of M&M's dead on than the person closest without going over is the winner. Please post your guess as a reply to this discussion. The…
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Betty Albrecht
RCAS Members join us for this fun challenge.  How many pieces of Candy Corn are in this Cylinder.  The Measurements of the Cylinder are as follows:           10 inches tall            2…
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Papa Yorke
I'm an incoming freshman and I am wondering what to do about my laptop situation. I have my own laptop and I did not neccessarily want to get the one MSOE would give me unless I absolutely needed it.…
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Student Activities
Commuter students have the chance to grab their commuter student information packet, as well as their MSOE ID card. Commuter students will meet their Peer Assistant at this time.
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