• 2 Minutes of Payne: Meet Dr. Michael Payne

    Check out Dr. Payne's first episode in his series, 2 minutes of Payne. Stay tuned for his next episode during week three!  
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • What is your favorite part about Milwaukee?

    I would love to know!
    Haley Anderson
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  • my.MSOE CSS Control

    I was wondering if anyone in IT or marketing could help me with something I've been trying to implement for about a year now. I created a CSS file for the my.MSOE page that gives the site a little face lift that match...
    Wesley Zloza
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  • MSOE Rube Goldberg Team Takes Second Place

    CONGRATULATIONS! To the MSOE Rube Goldberg Team for taking 2nd place at their first collegiate competition! The team competed against 4 other teams in the Midwest area at Purdue University. The goal this year was to...
    Student Activities
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  • Is there a way to block all content from a particular user?

    While this doesn't happen often, I occasionally find it in my best interest to ignore post from a particular user.  Is there any way in the HUB to hide all content from a given user so that I don't see notificati...
    Chris Taylor
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  • Unofficial Transcripts for Career Fair

    If you need a couple of unofficial transcripts for the Career Fair tomorrow, stop by our office, and we can print them for you while you wait.  We are here from 8 am - 4:30 pm tomorrow.  You need to show a p...
    Mary Nielsen
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  • What do you want to learn in Hub training?

    We are planning our training sessions and would like to hear what you would like to learn.  Share your thoughts so we can make the sessions valuable to you and the work you do.
    Dana Grennier
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  • HUB Training/Trainers

    Is there going to be an opportunity for students to receive training for HUB? I think some students would be willing to go through extensive training to become HUB Trainers, and then work with Orgs and other students ...
    Jonathan Kuderer
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  • All Student/All Faculty/All Staff Outlook lists

    For offices that use the All Faculty, All Staff, All Student lists in Outlook, will there (or is there) functionality within the HUB that will be able to be used in place of that but that will hit the same audiences?
    Mary Nielsen
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  • Congratulations to the School of Nursing May Graduates

    The May 2013 graduating class has a first time NCLEX pass rate of 94%!   What is NCLEX?  NCLEX is the high-stakes national licensure exam.  Graduates have to pass the test in order to secure a license...
    Debra Jenks
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