Sandy Everts
Great story in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about some of our Class of 2014 SE graduates:
MSOE grads’ software company is on the rise
Rachael McFarlane
We have a new admission counselor joining our team today! Welcome Chao Chang to the MSOE Admissions team :) We are SO excited to have you!!! 
Sandy Everts
GE Girls at MSOE STEM program was covered on Fox 6's Real Milwaukee and the Journal Sentinel too. 
Thanks to all the MSOE professors and GE employees who are providing such an awesome opportunity!
Dana Grennier
Did you know that incoming freshman Ethan Brew's band, Indecision, will be performing on the Johnson Controls stage at 1:00 pm on July 3rd at Summerfest?  If you are headed down that day, show your MSOE support and snap a pic for Hub!
Frank Habib
I really like Sandy's posts!!!!
Sandy Everts
GE Girls at MSOE starting their week-long exploration of STEM. Welcome to campus!
For more information
Sandy Everts
Another awesome student project getting people's attention!
Sandy Everts
Our very own Mary Spencer, director of Career Services, flying high!
Sandy Everts
Great story about MSOE Coach Banks' experience as a player in the 1990 World Cup!
Sarah Rowell
Does anyone know when the PGO silent auction ends? 
Sandy Everts
On a wonderful Commencement day during Memorial Day weekend, let's take a moment to recognize that for some graduates, their path to graduation was not so direct. 
Thank you to those who have served our country.
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