Sandy Everts posted 2 years ago
There is a new Jumbotron on the southwest corner of the athletic field and parking facility. It faces west toward Water Street, therefore, carries messages to the public community. Keeping that in mind what type or specific items would you like to see there?  


  • Jason Banker

    Jason Banker 2 years ago

    "Welcome to MSOE!" would look cool. Or maybe unique greetings each holiday.
  • Julie Schuster 2 years ago

    "Plays of the Week" highlights. 
  • Erik Oswald

    Erik Oswald 2 years ago

    Notable achievements by the MSOE Community, such as "MSOE students placed 1st at XYZ design competition."
    Game announcements, such as "Men's hockey vs. Lake Forest TONIGHT, 7pm." 

  • Sandy Everts

    Sandy Everts 2 years ago

    Thanks. I made this question a "discussion" hoping it will stay around longer to obtain even more input. Let's hear your ideas!