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Kiean Gill

"The first day of Welcome Week was great! From informative sessions to ice skating, today had it..." - 1 year ago
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Name: Kiean Gill
User Type: Student
Biography: It has taken me a long time to realize that my background is unique in many ways. Whether this is the result of being naïve to my circumstances or merely being accustomed to my background through familiarity, the fact still stands that I have had quite an unusual upbringing. I was raised in a low-income Christian home in which traits such as honesty, diligence, and responsibility were ingrained in me. I grew up in a large family of nineteen people (two parents and seventeen biological children) who reside in the same household. In spite of having a large family, my parents decided to homeschool all of their children. This decision was based on their desire to have their kids learn in a calm, spiritual atmosphere combined with their dissatisfaction with the educational direction of both public and private schools. They wanted their kids in an environment where they would have a greater opportunity to grow.
As can be imagined, homeschooling as large a family as mine on a low budget is an extremely difficult task. In fact, there were many instances in which my education was tempered by financial limitations. One such example is the repeated use and reuse of used textbooks. Old textbooks were familiar friends to all of us. Some of us went so far as to assign names to our books. As soon as the school day would begin, out would come “Old Joe History” and “Missing Cover Math Book”. Nevertheless, we were provided with more than enough materials to give us a solid educational foundation. My parents partnered in our education with my mother as the primary teacher and instructor and my father as the counselor and administrator. The instruction and guidance provided was given with the full intent of us assuming responsibility for our own education as we progressed through the various grade levels. I gleaned from this experience what it meant to have a good work ethic. This experience also served to condition me for pursuing a higher level of education.
However, since our family income is well below the poverty line, there are virtually no funds to contribute to my college tuition. Therefore, I was encouraged to take my education seriously in hopes of obtaining scholarships to finance my college education. The high but achievable goals I set for myself encourage me to aim higher in life and to not settle for something less than I am capable of. Although my future interests vary, most of my interests share a common theme: mathematics. From the early days of learning the multiplication tables, to the recent excursions into the challenges of calculus, math has remained the subject that I not only am the most proficient in, but also is the subject that holds the most interest to me. Whatever my future holds, I know that I have been equipped with the skills necessary for me to succeed in life.
Academic Interest: Electrical Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

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