Kiean Gill posted 2 years ago
How easy is it for someone to switch majors?


  • Megan Waelti

    Megan Waelti 2 years ago

    Hi Keian,

    What are you thinking about switching to and from?  
  • Kiean Gill

    Kiean Gill 2 years ago

    I applied to MSOE  for fall 2014 and listed my intended major as electrical engineering. I was accepted to MSOE's electrical engineering program for the fall quarter 2014-2015 school year. I was wondering if my decision to major in electrical engineering was set in stone or if I could switch majors if I decided to in the future. 
    P.S.: Thanks for the speedy response.
  • Megan Waelti

    Megan Waelti 2 years ago

    It shouldn't be too difficult for you to switch majors in the future should you decide before starting classes so long as you are meeting the admission requirements still for that particular major.  Just keep open communication with Dan Meiser to keep him updated on your decision!  And CONGRATS on your acceptance!
  • Mitch Trewyn

    Mitch Trewyn 2 years ago

    It seems to me that switching majors is pretty easy at MSOE.  Your main concern may be getting set back because you have already completed some courses in one major that won't count towards the other, so switching your major Junior or Senior year can prove to be difficult.  Since you will be coming in, in the fall and you have no prior courses taken I don't see that you'll have an issue.

    Congratulations on your acceptance!
  • Dan Meiser

    Dan Meiser 2 years ago

    Hi Kiean,

    Switching your major is pretty easy to do but does depend on what program you are now interested in.  Like Megan said, please give me a call or shoot me an email when you get a chance.  414-277-2577