Patrick Campbell
My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only…
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Andrew Moore
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Kiean Gill
Is there a refrigerator, freezer, or microwave for students(mainly commuters) to use for packed lunches?
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Andrew Moore
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Bob Slovensky
Every college student, no matter the school, will have their fair share of technology issues/disasters and stories to go along with them.  However, as I begin my fourth year at MSOE I cant help but…
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Lars Woehlck
I, like all of you, find it very important to obtain a well rounded education, and as such have decided to get an A in the hub. I am confused on how to stslvl.scen.eventCommented.text. Though this is…
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Benjamin Kuchler
so, who knows how to use steam on the new laptops? and how to connect to a second display (monitor. television, etc.)
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Andrew Moore
I attempted to answer a question and my response is being 'moderated'  
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Kiean Gill
Does MSOE still distribute backpacks to its students? If so, when and where will they be picked up?
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Emily Vogel
Residents of a city often miss its alluring features...we pass hot tourist spots every day and don't always know it. What are some of your favorite places to go in Milwaukee?
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