Corban Rowland
According to the Noble Network College Bot, MSOE's 6yr minority grad rate is a 33%. However, the overall 6yr grad rate is 58%. Why is this so?
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When will Presidential Scholarships be announced and awarded?  How may types are there?
in Admissions
Kashmira Engineer
As the HUB continues to update and evolve over the year I know that some people are unaware of the changes or how to utilize them. So I was wondering if there could be video tutorials of all things…
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Elle Meinholz
Lucky for me I had two students visit today! It was an absolutely beautiful day! Thanks grant ferrusquia & Christopher Hinrichs for getting me outside to enjoy the weather :)
Mitch Trewyn
Just tied my tie perfectly on the first try... today's going to be a good day.
Paul Fritton
Does the Presidential Scholarship cover all of the expenses of attending MSOE, including housing, meal plans, and the technology package; or does it cover only the tuition cost of attending MSOE?
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Rob Derek
If my son hasn't heard about the scholarship yet, does that mean he didn't get it?
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Mitch Trewyn
Finals are coming up soon and all I can think of is free pizza in the CC next week.
Rob Derek
Are they not announcing scholarship winners today?
Chris Vanderhoef
First time logging in.  Checking it out, trying to figure this out.
Marc Lind
Had a great time visiting MSOE! 
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