• Email Migration: 5/13/14 4pm update

    Please see the following post in the IT Department area for information on the current status of email services for those faculty and staff members who were affected by the issue during yesterday's migration.   ...
    Jen Haro
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  • Email Migration Status Update

    Some of our faculty and staff are currently unable to access their email accounts due to an issue encountered during the migration process. Please see the post in the IT Department area for more info: The specified it...
    Jen Haro
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  • IT Update: Email System

    The IT systems team has been working to complete the process of finalizing the configuration of the new email storage servers. We have been asking users to maintain the “temporary mailbox” status while we ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Web Update

    On Monday the server room had a power failure at 6:00 AM. MSOE went offline losing email, network, web, etc.   The IT team has been work continuously since the outage to repair the damage.   The following ...
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  • MSOE CC Ancillary Building Demolition 2013-09-24

    Kevin Haro
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