• Faculty/Staff Phone Directory

    This printable faculty/staff directory by department will be updated on the fourth Monday of every month. For up-to-date information, please visit our internal resource. This was last updated on October 7, 2015.
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  • Why is the IT department so impossible to reach.........

    Now do me a favor. Hit the search bar on this page and type IT. What comes up? Nothing. Yes so awesome! Now type IT: Information technology. Oh look there exists a page. Now just for fun, as shown below just above the...
    Nathan Gray
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  • What is the current status of mobile printing for MSOE?

    I have been in talks with some faculty/staff about mobile printing across mobile devices, specifically smart phones and tablets. Imagine, being late to class and you forgot to print out your essay. You rush out of yo...
    Gerald Soriano
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  • Setting up the lists for orgs

    Hey, does anyone know how to set up lists for emails for the various organizations around campus? I'm in two organizations as an officer and we definitely need to be able to communicate with our members about upcoming...
    Adrian Robillard
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  • IT Update: Email System

    The IT systems team has been working to complete the process of finalizing the configuration of the new email storage servers. We have been asking users to maintain the “temporary mailbox” status while we ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Temporary Mailbox Question

    Dear IT staff,   I have a question regarding the Temporary Mailbox.  Will the temporary box become permanent, or will it be deleted at some point with all new (after backup) updates lost?   Another re...
    Olga Imas
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  • How much damage?

    How much was truly lost, and how much data will eventually be recovered?   Can we please get a straight answer as to how much information has been lost? Will any emails that were stored on MSOE's server be recov...
    Matthew Foster
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  • IT Department Website

    I cant seem to find a link to any information about our IT department.  I would like a phone number to call them as I am not on campus during normal hours.  The link in other posts fails.  When I follow...
    David Andersen
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  • "Apply2MSOE" app hosed?

    I just created a Hub account, and am trying to apply for a certificate, but can't even get past the first page of the app.  For some reason it doesn't like my birthdate, even though I clearly entered it in MM/DD/...
    Kent Maly
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  • What's the best tool/utility for finding duplicate files on my hard drive?

    I had to backup all of my files to an external drive to switch laptops and I know that I have tons of copies of my older files that I've backed up several times. Does anyone have a good program that I can scan my file...
    Jen Haro
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  • MSOE CC Ancillary Building Demolition 2013-09-24

    Kevin Haro
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  • Mac vs. PC

    Alright, Hub.. I've got to ask.
    Jake Bradley
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