Hayley Dotson posted 9 months ago
Accepted last week with a scholarship! Excited, but there's still work to do!


  • Seandra Mitchell

    Seandra Mitchell 9 months ago

    Hey Hayley! Congratulations again on your acceptance!! We are very happy for you. If you haven't visited campus yet please join us for an upcoming Accepted Student Day! We hope to see you there.
  • Elle Meinholz

    Elle Meinholz 9 months ago


    Congratulations! As Seandra said, we would love to see you at one of our Accepted Student Days! We have one coming up this Friday already! Check out this link to sign up online: http://www.msoe.edu/community/admissions/undergra...

    Congratulations again! Hope to see you soon :)


  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 9 months ago

    I am so Happy!
  • David Howell

    David Howell 9 months ago