Nicholas Jarolimek
I got my username and I believe my password but I cannot login to the page I type my username as shows and my password but nothing. I have tried it multiple times and…
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Elizabeth Kolanczyk
I recently tried to set up my MSOE account, and the system does not recognize me as a person. I contacted the Help desk and they had no idea what was causing the problem...can anyone else help me?
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I would like to give a shout out to our IT department student workers for all the hard work they put in this academic year.  I appreciate all you do balancing your MSOE academic workload along with providing the community with technology support from the help desk to systems and applications management.  Godspeed to all our talented graduates!
Keeping up to date on my mobile!
Alright, who rebooted winter?
Attending STEM fest tonight with my daughter at North Shore Middle School in Hartland.  Proudly prepping her for the next generation of thinkers and doers! 
Who says being a geek isn't hereditary!
Brody Brown
I Just read about the heart bleed bug in SSL security and decided to change my password on here just in case. But when I went to do it I couldn't find the option anywhere on the website. But I did…
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Golf is planned for this Sunday.  Be warm, please!
Paul Fabian
On a cold, foggy day, it's a nice feeling to schedule a vacation to someplace sunnier.
Recently, MSOE rolled out an enterprise collaboration and cloud storage solution to students, faculty, and staff powered by   I was working with a student to access their account and…
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