• MSOE Account

    I got my username and I believe my password but I cannot login to the page https://pwdreg.msoe.edu. I type my username as shows and my password but nothing. I have tried it multiple times and multiple ways and still n...
    Nicholas Jarolimek
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  • Help with setting up MSOE Account

    I recently tried to set up my MSOE account, and the system does not recognize me as a person. I contacted the Help desk and they had no idea what was causing the problem...can anyone else help me?
    Elizabeth Kolanczyk
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  • Heartbleed Password Change

    I Just read about the heart bleed bug in SSL security and decided to change my password on here just in case. But when I went to do it I couldn't find the option anywhere on the website. But I did read in the help sec...
    Brody Brown
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  • When will we have a true "single sign-on" feature?

    While we now have the launch-pad icons, users still have to log-on to their my.msoe, blackboard, email, etc. separately.
    Emily Vogel
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