Heather Ponzi
Hi!  I was just wondering if there was a gathering/meet up for Grad students?  We will meet the people within our program but is there opportunity to meet other students, other than in the library?
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Patrycja Kolodziej
I was wondering if anyone knew of a BLS for Healthcare Providers class that can be done near campus?
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Soham Dave
Im just wondering after completing the  undergraduate program for nursing, would I reapply to the graduate school of nursing?
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Brittney Lynn
Interesting study regarding the online student market: http://www.aslanianmarketresearch.com/sites/defau...

Thanks to Sandy Everts for sharing! 
Brittney Lynn
It feels almost fall like outside today! I'm not complaining :)
Brittney Lynn
It's moving day in Rosenberg! Busy, busy!
Elle Meinholz
I am picking my best friend up from the train station tomorrow and we are going to lunch in downtown Milwaukee. We are looking for someplace new and fun (and also maybe on the water). Where is your favorite place to grab some grub?
Akshay Verma
I was wondering who my Admission Counselor is so I can email them about some stuff that is bothering me
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Brittney Lynn
Register for event Last updated July 22, 2014. Please note the schedule of courses is subject to change 8-9:45 a.m. Room 301: Master Your Future: Business Sense for New PEs - Douglas Nelson Room…
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Brittney Lynn
PEAK presenter bios for the September 20th event. Last updated July 22, 2014
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