Paige Voigt posted 2 years ago
Wanting to know more about the Dance team and stunt team! (:


  • Kip Kussman

    Kip Kussman 2 years ago

    Hi Paige!  I think   Elizabeth Bitante  is on the dance team.  Elizabeth...can you help Paige with her questions?
  • Paige Voigt

    Paige Voigt 2 years ago

    Thank you
  • Seandra Mitchell

    Seandra Mitchell 2 years ago

    Hi Paige! It was great meeting you last week at Senior Visit Day. In addition to reaching out to Elizabeth Bitante, please feel free to reach out to Micaela Morin, Dance Team Coach at: Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.
  • Paige Voigt

    Paige Voigt 2 years ago

    Alright I will. I enjoyed everything by the way. Very good first impression and first college visit experience! I loved it. Also, Yes I will let you know. And thanks for sending the email again, my mom has it in her car somewhere. Losing stuff like always! (: