Nimrod Allen
I'm looking for a group club or organization focused on veterans and/or returning/adult learners? 
Cadence Lee
How on earth would I go about getting involved in the ROTC program?
Lena Scheibengraber
The MSOE Financial Aid Office wanted to make you aware of some changes in regards to your financial aid eligibility. Financial Aid Eligible Coursework In the past, schools were only required to…
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Amanda Wysk
  To apply, please complete the Scholarship Report Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline of December 5th, 2014. NOTE: You must physically sign the form; we cannot accept…
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Blake Wentz
Here is a great pic of our 4 competition teams after collecting their trophies and big checks!  Healthcare - 1st, Virtual Design & Construction - 1st, Design/Build - 1st, Electrical - 3rd.
Heather Cooper
MARK YOUR CALENDARS….                 “STUDENT LOANS, CREDIT, and MONEY MANAGEMENT: Everything You Need to Know about Spending Wisely”   Please join us to hear about: Understanding student loans…
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