• Changing my major

    Hey everyone , I wanted to ask if I started in a major and then I decided to change my major, is that possible? and what are the requirements..?
    Hadeel Wafa
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  • for ICAS students

    I'm currently studying in ICAS course offered by manipal university. I'm highly interested in joining MSOE just after the second semester. I just wanted to know if it is possible and if yes then what are  the min...
    Anshul Shresth
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  • hellooo every won,am a prospective student who want to no more about  life in msoe can anybody tell me?

    Helloooooo everywon i want to no more about life in msoe,can some won tell me.my name is joseph a prospective student.
    Folusho joseph Oniyo
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  • Biking to class

    Does anyone who lives off-campus use or plan to use a bicycle as their primary method of getting to class? I'm trying to decide if it's a feasible option for my commute, at least on days with fair weather (I live abou...
    Matthew Czaplewski
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  • Min required GPA (Transfer International student)

    What is the minimum required GPA for an International Transfer Student for this program?
    fahad hassan
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  • How does the master program of nursing work?

    Im just wondering after completing the  undergraduate program for nursing, would I reapply to the graduate school of nursing?
    Soham Dave
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  • For an International Transfer Student

    I had a question please , if I want to apply as a part time undergraduate student (6 credits / quarter ), do I have to submit a bank statement showing the full time tuition & fees (47,000 $ ) or just the part time...
    Hadeel Wafa
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