Ezra Imes
I just sent myself an email, and then got excited cause someone said hi to me today!!!  : )
Student Activities
BE SURE TO VOTE THIS TUESDAY, APRIL 1st from 7AM - 8PM   FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON THIS ELECTION, please scroll down.   Check Your Voter Registration Status: Wisconsin Voter Information   Where…
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Digital Marketing
Form used to allow the release of academic information to a parent, guardian or other interested party.
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Kent Peterson
Congratulations to Jasmine Strickler from LZN for being elected St. Pat this year. Check out some video highlights from the rally and proclamation signing today.
2014 St. Pat's Rally and Proclamation Signing - Y...

Richard Gagliano
This is a continuation from an earlier Blog Post "What is in your Freezer", but now I would like to know... "WHAT IS IN YOUR FREEZER & REFRIGERATOR?"   RBG's "Rick-A-Pedia" Video Blog - "What is…
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David Howell
My son, Evan, plays the cello. He started in 5th grade, and thanks to the support of some great music teachers in the Whitefish Bay school district, he's really, really good. Evan's now a sophomore…
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willie lewis
its 4am and I'm already in the office. 
David Howell
My wife is out of town on a business trip, so I went to Sendiks and bought a pound of Nueski's Bacon! Granted, my wife is not anti-bacon, but maybe she'd question the quantity of bacon in this…
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David Howell
At the Dalton Institute conference, I sat in on a presentation by Dr. Gage Pain, the Vice President for Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. Her presentation focused on silence--how…
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Denise Gergetz
Did you know that the Campus Center has been standing since the 1940s?  The building was originally home to the Blatz Brewery's offices and bottling operation and was later the headquarters for…
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Sarah Rowell
Hi all, I am trying to find out who teaches Spanish classes at MSOE? I know a student who is very interested in signing up for Spanish next quarter, but has questions as to what level he would be…
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