• Formal Student Complaint Form

    Currently enrolled students may use this form to file a complaint, defined as a written expression of dissatisfaction or formal allegation(s) against the university, its units, its employees (including faculty and sta...
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  • Rader School of Business Independent Study/Project Approval Form

    Approval form for the following courses:  MS4970, MS4975, MS4977, MS499, MG7960, MG799, MI799
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  • Request to Enter a Full Section of a Class

    This document lists the preferred method of contact to request to register for a full section of a class.
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  • Information Release Authorization for Transfer Students.pdf

    This form is for students who are transferring from another institution as part of an articulation agreement.  It allows both institutions to share academic information.
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  • Consent to the Release of Academic Information

    Form used to allow the release of academic information to a parent, guardian or other interested party.
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  • Summer Tuition

    We have received quite a few questions about summer tuition.  The tuition for summer term is the same as the tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year.  For your convenience, the link to the summer tuition inf...
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  • Society of American Military Engineers honors MSOE student

    Dylan Shiltz, a senior mechanical engineering student, received the SAME ROTC Award of Merit. The award was presented by U.S. Navy Rear Admiral David Steindl on behalf of the Society of American Military Engineers (SA...
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  • President's Student Leadership Dinner - Wednesday, 5/7 (6-9:30pm) - Kern Center

    5/7/14 6:00 PM
    STUDENT LEADERS...   BE SURE TO SIGN-UP TO ATTEND MSOE’S PREMIER STUDENT EVENT! Each year, Dr. Hermann Viets, the President of MSOE, invites the student leaders from around campus to attend a banque...
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    President's Student Leadership Dinner - Wednesday, 5/7 (6-9:30pm) - Kern Center

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  • Trending Now - "What is in YOUR Refrigerator & Freezer" - Part 2

    This is a continuation from an earlier Blog Post "What is in your Freezer", but now I would like to know... "WHAT IS IN YOUR FREEZER & REFRIGERATOR?"   RBG's "Rick-A-Pedia" Video Blog - "What is in YOUR Re...
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  • Hub Update: Search enhancements

    Probably the largest concern from all of the msoe.edu and Hub users has been the search functionality.  We have spent a lot of time getting feedback from students, faculty, staff, alumni and other users to find o...
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  • Throwback Thursday- Campus Center

    Did you know that the Campus Center has been standing since the 1940s?  The building was originally home to the Blatz Brewery's offices and bottling operation and was later the headquarters for Pabst.  MSOE ...
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  • Throwback Thursday-- MSOE displays a new computer

    In November and December 1955, MSOE had a shiny new IBM computer on display. In this photograph, students watch as a supervising customer service engineer from IBM demonstrates the new machine. (From: Bulletin Relay,...
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  • ME Dept Graduate Independent Study Approval Form

    Independent Study approval form for ME799 and GE799
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  • Science Building Map

    This is a slightly out-of-date map of the Science Building.  We believe it was made by some ME students a few years ago.
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  • Pathways Program

    Pathways is a support program in place to help first year students transition into life at MSOE and remain in good academic standing (a GPA of 2.0 or higher) during the transition.
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  • Winter Schedule Available in Week 7

    There has been ongoing confusion about the winter schedule of classes that is currently in our space; people thought that it was the schedule for this upcoming term.  So, I changed the title to add the dates to m...
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  • Emergency Contact Information

    The Emergency Contact Information Form is a web-based form.  Please click the link below to access the form.   https://resources.msoe.edu/AddressUpdate/EmergencyContact/
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  • Address Update Form

    The form to update your address is an online form.  To access this form, please use the link below.   https://resources.msoe.edu/AddressUpdate/
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  • Graduation Application

    The Graduation is a web-based form, as as such will not appear in the Content tab of this page.  It can be found at this link.   http://www.msoe.edu/community/campus-life/student-resources/page/2157/graduat...
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  • Scheduler

    Scheduler is a web-based program.  As such, it is not available on the Content tab.  You can find Scheduler by clicking the link below.   https://resources.msoe.edu/sched/
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