Katie Donahoe
Officially commited to MSOE :) excited for fall!
Elle Meinholz
Katelyn Drake you are awesome! Thank you for visiting me and MSOE today :) Good luck with Robotics, work, and the rest of your crazy week!
Elle Meinholz
Martha Savory is my favorite student worker she rocks !
Elle Meinholz
Thank you to all of the families who visited us for Accepted Student Day today. It was great meeting a lot of you and seeing some friendly faces again too! Hopefully I will see you on campus in the Fall :)
Matthew Anderson
I recently applied to the Computer Engineering program and I was wondering if I could double major in Computer & Software Engineering or double major in Computer & Electrical Engineering?   Matt…
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Elle Meinholz
I am going to be at Mukwonago High School for the Junior Post High School Night tonight from 6-8! All of you Mukwonago students please stop by and say hi :)
Elle Meinholz
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Hey Seniors,

Decision time is right around the corner.   The admission team is so excited to help you make the best decision for you.  If you have decided MSOE is the place for you.  Please talk to your counselor about the next steps.   Happy Decision Making!!!
Let me know if I can help make this process any easier! I look forward to all of you joining the MSOE community :)
Elle Meinholz
Loved loved LOVED having Hailey Butler, Justin Spencer, Riley Behnke, Alexander Banse, Michael Bill, Brady Callen, & Melanie Ehlers here on campus for Accepted Student Day today!! Come back soon :)
Samuel Grieser
I was accepted for Fall 2015!! See you in a few short months!
Elle Meinholz
Julia Marsh thanks for visiting today!! Good luck with your decision :)
Elle Meinholz
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