• What makes the business management degree different at MSOE than let's say Marquette or UW-Milwaukee?

    I am seriously considering transferring to MSOE for the business management degree and I just wanted to hear some things from the business students about how the degree is different at MSOE than any other place. I und...
    Giovany Vazquez
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  • Private College Week

    So its day three of Private College Week at MSOE and for the past two days I have given a tour to an MSOE alumni. Their daughters had come for a tour of campus and while learning about the students I also learned that...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Eagle Scout

    Does MSOE offer any scholarship for students that are eagle scouts?
    Nils Hay
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  • Submitting my application

    II'm trying to submit an application, but it keeps telling me to confirm my first name even though I already did and it exactly matches my name entered in step 1. Seriously frustrated, please help.
    Jamie Kasten
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  • SAT required?

    Hey, I'm a prospective student and was wondering if the SAT is required upon application, or if the ACT is acceptable as a replacement. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Hailey Butler
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  • How students can improve educational results?

    All schools and colleges aim to provide quality education to their students and want to make distinct position among other institutes, but there is something missing in our educational institutes. They fail to provide...
    Muhammad Irfan
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  • How do I know who my admissions counselor is?

    I was just wondering who my admissions counselor is because I have a few questions regarding my application.
    Katelyn Reuter
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  • Extracurriculars

    I was just wondering what some fun extracurricular activities are.  I'm thinking of trying fencing, but I'm not sure of any others.  Any ideas?
    Muffi Kaiser
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  • Early Action Deadline

    When are the deadlines for early action and default deadline applications for the 2015-2016 year?
    Evan Akers
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  • MSOE Account

    I got my username and I believe my password but I cannot login to the page https://pwdreg.msoe.edu. I type my username as shows and my password but nothing. I have tried it multiple times and multiple ways and still n...
    Nicholas Jarolimek
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  • Presidential Scholarship question

    For the GPA requirement of the Presidental Scholorship, does your senior high school year affect that? And would my GPA be rounded up if it were, 3.795?
    Evan Akers
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  • The Daily Dean: What's your blues name?

    My wife and kids took me out to Father's Day Brunch at The Smoke Shack. While waiting for our meal, we found a flyer on blues names. It turns out that my blues name is Old Bones Rivers. What's yours?
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Painting the town (or the office) red

    Facilities is painting the Student Life office. Soon, we will be surrounded in shades of red and white--all the more helpful for engendering a dynamic student spirit on campus. In my doctoral coursework, I took cours...
    David Howell
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  • What model laptop do we receive?

    I'm curious of what laptop we will receive.
    Tripp Horbinski
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  • ACT for MSOE

    Could somebody tell me if MSOE super scores the ACT.
    Akshay Verma
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  • Information about fall semester 2014

    I am looking for more information about when my son can get in the dorms to move in for fall semester and how much the actual tuition/meals/dorm expenses not including books and incidental expenses.
    Jodie Kloehn
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  • New to the Hub

    Hey MSOE friends! I'm new to the Hub, anything I or any other newbies should know about the Hub?
    Lindsey Otto
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  • ACT - Writing Policy

    Hi - Do you require the writing portion of the ACT?
    Roxanne Abbeduto
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  • tutors?

    I'm interested in finding tutors for the fall term. How would I go about signing up for them??
    Martin Guerrero
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  • class registration?

    First, is class registration a thing at msoe or are the class programs preset? Second, if it is a thing, when and where do I do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to joining you all this fall at ...
    jacob krupp
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