Elle Meinholz
Get excited for Welcome Week!!!! Watch the MSOE Welcome Week 2014 - YouTube video! Awesome!
Dan Meiser
A big thank you goes out to Sandra Mejia for creating this beautiful picture for my new office in Trio!
Elle Meinholz
Dr. Frederick Berry's ALS Ice bucket challenge was awesome! Can't wait to see the Carter Academy students take on the challenge next!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube
Michael Frias
I GOT IN!!!! accepted_to_msoe
Kasey Mylin
So I'm trying to win a scholarship but I need votes in order to win. I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the link below and vote for my entry!! Please and thank you :) 

Scholarship Voting - DialMyCalls.com
Elle Meinholz
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Alright incoming students, here are the Top 100 Things To Do In Milwaukee | Hype MKE !  Welcome to MSOE and get ready to love this city life!
What an awesome list! Definitely wanting to tackle some of these things before the summer's end!! To all incoming students looking for fun in Milwaukee, take a look! :)
Gabriela Estevez
Just submitted my application, I hope to get accepted! Fingers crossed!
Elle Meinholz
Halfway through the week! Happy hump day! :) Only two and half weeks until move-in!!!
Gwendolyn Czerwonka
Going skydiving Tomorrow!!! :D
Shari Morales
Where can I find out more information about the dorm rooms?  My son will be a freshman, a this is all new to us.  Any and all help will be appreciated
Elle Meinholz
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Thank you to all the families that came out for a wonderful Senior Visit Day today!  On behalf of all admissions, we loved having you here and hope you come back and visit again soon!  Have a great weekend!
I couldn't agree more Megan!
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