Mark Book
Hello ;)
Adele Becker
Hi, super excited to attend MSOE this fall!! 
Tammy Koenig
Hi Everyone,   I'm new to MSOE and thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Tammy Koenig and I'm the new Payroll Coordinator in the Finance Dept.  I have an open door policy so if you ever have…
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Megan Buth
I am so excited to start school at MSOE this fall! (:
MSOE News Services
MSOE’s Formula Hybrid team took fourth place in the world at the Formula Hybrid Competition and first place in the United States. The competition was held in May at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway…
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Eleanor Monaghan
I am officially going to MSOE!! 
Sahara Aden
I finally made my decision to got to MSOE. I am very excited.
David Thompson
Happy to say I will be Raider in the fall! 
Loveday Roman
Made the decision to become an MSOE Raider today! But I knew that was gonna happen all along:))
Adrian Robillard
So I have heard a rumor that there will be no free hours next year. Is there any proof in this statement? If it is, how are student orgs supposed to have a safe time to meet that won't conflict with classes?
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