Kayla Miller
I got in!!!!
Charles Tritt
About to go to the Medical College of Wisconsin for a capstone design poster session presented by our BE seniors.
Kent Peterson
Patrick and Heather (two of our outstanding DMT student interns) and I shot photos and video today at the Grohmann Tower as the roof top logos were lifted into place. The first lift took about an hour, but you can watch it here in less than a minute.

Hanging a Huge Logo in Less Than a Minute - YouTu...
Nimrod Allen
To the faculty, staff and students who supported me through another tough and strenuous year.  I humbly thank you.  With your support I have been able to reignite my desire to succeed here at MSOE.  

For any of you who are at a cross roads in life and/or feel you're at your limits.  Help is here and we are all here to support you. 

Keep Pushing. We are in this together. 

Mandy Runnalls
I'm baaaaaack :) Had a great time on maternity leave with my little lady and now I'm ready to get back to business! But please don't mind me if i slip into my 'goo-goo' 'ga-ga's sometimes though!
Allana Marie Nicolas
Oh my gosh I got accepted yaaaaay! :)
James Kieselburg
The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg
Completed in 1850, The Bookworm quickly became one of the most recognized and beloved paintings in Germany and beyond.  It was ultimately acquired by Milwaukee industrialist René von Schleinitz, who bequeathed the painting to the Milwaukee Public Library.  The Bookworm is now on permanent loan to the Grohmann Museum and currently on view. 
Paul Fabian
VPN services have been restarted, and GlobalProtect should be working now. Let me know if you are still encountering problems.
Patrick Moran
Got accepted! So excited to be a part of this school! Cant wait until I attend!
Hannah Niesen
Glad to commit to this amazing school. Being accepted by my dream school has definitely put a little pep in my step! :)
Elle Meinholz
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)
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