• Can't get past Step 2!

    Hello!      I'm Marc and I applied at MSOE. I sent in my application, my Transcript, SAT/ACT scores, EVERYTHING! The only problem is, I don't know where to check my application progress. The little...
    Marc Lind
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  • Inspirational Quote of the Day - Peter Drucker

    "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said" -- Peter Drucker
    Jessalynn Smith
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  • What is your favorite local food?

    Mandy Runnalls
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  • Foggy Commute

    You know it's summer when . . . THE FOG IS SO THICK, IT CUTS THROUGH THE MILWAUKEE SKYLINE! #cool   It was actually a sight to see.
    Nicole Alexandria Baylon
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  • Math placement

    I received my schedule and am scheduled for Precalculus math even though I did precalculus in high school and did well. I want to get in Calculus. How do I do that?
    Papa Yorke
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    Does the Presidential Scholarship cover all of the expenses of attending MSOE, including housing, meal plans, and the technology package; or does it cover only the tuition cost of attending MSOE?
    Paul Fritton
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  • Admission Decision

    Hi, I Applied to MSOE about two months ago and i have not gotten any letters or contacts. I was just Wondering who i should contact?
    Benjamin Kuchler
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  • When to expect a decision

    I applied late 2013 and finally got all my updated information in during December (I was just waiting on test scores).  I know there were tech issues right around this time, so I asked my admissions counselor whe...
    Chris Kloehn
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  • Biomedical

    I would love to hear from some Biomedical Engineers to get an insight on my future major.
    Taylor Carman
    created by Taylor Carman
  • Stuck on Step #1 "Explore"

    My ACT score and transcript have been submitted, but my tracker is still displaying the first step. My HS guidance counselor said to not complete a small part of the application, and said that she has a form on her en...
    Ravi Dhebar
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  • Application status?

    Is there a way to check if the MSOE office of admissions has received my transcript and ACT scores?
    Dylan Kuchcinski
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  • Acceptance Patience

    I was just wondering what the average time it takes to be sent an acceptance/denial letter was.
    Jacob Paiser
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  • Faculty In-Service

    If you attended the Faculty In-Service on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, how would you rate it?
    Susan Miller
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  • App Question

    Hi Dana,   How do we create an app on MY HUB?  Dana Grennier
    Davinci Wallace
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  • Hot Major

    What field are you most interested in? Seandra Mitchell Mandy Runnalls Rachael McFarlane
    Davinci Wallace
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  • Study Abroad

    Which study abroad option allows me to gain a degree from MSOE and a degree from the international school in just 4 years?
    Megan Waelti
    created by Megan Waelti