Elle Meinholz
Dr. Frederick Berry's ALS Ice bucket challenge was awesome! Can't wait to see the Carter Academy students take on the challenge next!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube
Kasey Mylin
So I'm trying to win a scholarship but I need votes in order to win. I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the link below and vote for my entry!! Please and thank you :) 

Scholarship Voting - DialMyCalls.com
Dan Meiser
A big thank you goes out to Sandra Mejia for creating this beautiful picture for my new office in Trio!
Pujita Vazrala
I wish I was as cool as Joey Dusel lol 
Elizabeth Schmitt
Represented MSOE on top of the Klein Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland this morning!
Angela Jaeger
Anyone looking to live off campus and looking for a roommate? Please inbox me with info!
Miya Preston
Who can I contact about a visit to see the dorms? I think my admissions counselor is out of town since she hasn't responded to the email that I sent at the beginning of the week.  
Mandy Runnalls
Lookey, lookey who I found on HUB-- Keelan Runnalls! :)
McKenzie Valley
Shouting out to the MSOE Admissions people and Kip Kussman from a mountain top in Bafut, Cameroon! The computer labs are looking great and the MSOE group is having a blast exploring the country of Cameroon. Representing my school all the way over here! #wearethehub