Rachael McFarlane
Diving into some travel planning this morning :) We're looking forward to hitting the pavement this fall and meeting more prospective MSOE students out on the road! Should be another AWESOME travel season! 
McKenzie Valley
Shouting out to the MSOE Admissions people and Kip Kussman from a mountain top in Bafut, Cameroon! The computer labs are looking great and the MSOE group is having a blast exploring the country of Cameroon. Representing my school all the way over here! #wearethehub  
Rachael McFarlane
What a gorgeous start to the long weekend! Happy early birthday America and happy 4th everyone :) 
Rachael McFarlane
We have a new admission counselor joining our team today! Welcome Chao Chang to the MSOE Admissions team :) We are SO excited to have you!!! 
Rachael McFarlane
Looking forward to the start of Summer Programs!! Just over a week to go :) Can't wait to see all the new faces on campus. 
Mitch Trewyn
Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd stop by while I'm on my lunch break and see how everyone is doing.

Hope all is going well over at MSOE :D
Christopher Ruelle
Does anyone know if there is an ATM on campus? If so, what bank it's for?
Rachael McFarlane
It's a foggy morning in downtown Milwaukee, but with the start of Summerfest and a number of campus visits on the calendar I've got a feeling it's gonna be a GREAT day! Happy Wednesday everyone!
Alexis Hogue
Officially accepted!!! Mad excited!!! Most definitely coming!!!
Marc Lind
Had a great time visiting MSOE! 
Kelsey Murzyn
Accepted Student Day made me so excited that MSOE is where I'll be next year.
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