Cameron Freund
I was wondering if I could get any insight from the biomedical engineering students as to what their job outlook looks like and where they are looking to go. Also I was wondering what some of the…
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Kasey Mylin
Why can't I access I get a screen saying   "Server Error in '/ICS' Application."   Help!! I'd like to check my grades
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Kasey Mylin
It's time to start thinking about when we are going to be meeting this quarter! To help us figure out the best meeting time please fill out the  WhenIsGood: ASEE Meeting Time.       Thanks…
Kasey Mylin
The Women's Volleyball team is selling superfan tshirts for $10! The design is shown in the order form   If you are interested please fill out the attached form and give it to any volleyball player…
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Kasey Mylin
So I'm trying to win a scholarship but I need votes in order to win. I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the link below and vote for my entry!! Please and thank you :) 

Scholarship Voting -
Ana Sofia Larraga Martinez
As juniors, when and where can we exchange our laptops?
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Lynn Grant
My son and I recently visited the campus for Senior Day and he is very interested in applying to MSOE.   He is currently a Senior in High School.   How soon do we need to send in the application?  …
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Kasey Mylin
Just a few more days before the 2014 volleyball season begins! Gotta get those last few pre-season workouts in. Tonight I'm going to try a PRX class that was recommended by a teammate of mine so…
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Kasey Mylin
Cannot wait till volleyball starts!! :) Only 2 more days
Kasey Mylin
Fundraiser for the Track and Field Team tonight at Jazz in the Park :)