Logan Orr
Hi all, I was wondering how to set up my MSOE email account so that i can register for classes? thank you for your help! Logan
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Davinci Wallace
It is going to be a hot one today in Milwaukee, what are you doing to keep cool?  
Evan Akers
What is the graduation rate of students specifically in the software engineering program?
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Davinci Wallace
What an awesome Open House!!! Thanks to everyone that visited today, we enjoyed having you.
Gerald Soriano
Making a visit to the Indiana Robotics Invitational this weekend for an important meeting. 
Davinci Wallace
Tomorrow, Saturday July 19th is our open house.    I am so excited to see tons of people.   It is going to be an awesome event. 
Abdulrahman Almajnouni
How long will it take the admission results?
Davinci Wallace
Another wonderful visit day at MSOE, if you have not visited MSOE you are missing out on something special!!!!
Loveday Roman
Just submitted my application to MSOE! So happy :)
Trina Do
Hi!   So, I have just a few miscellaneous questions   First, I'm applying as a transfer student and I just submitted my online application a couple of days ago! I'm wondering if there's a way we…
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Gwendolyn Flores
So yesterday I was extremely tired! After the like 7 hours of class all I wanted to do was sleep! But after ice skating with a few if the other "campers" I thought maybe the walk could be fun.…
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