• Graduation rate

    What is the graduation rate of students specifically in the software engineering program?
    Evan Akers
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  • Transfer Application

    Hi!   So, I have just a few miscellaneous questions   First, I'm applying as a transfer student and I just submitted my online application a couple of days ago! I'm wondering if there's a way we can keep ...
    Trina Do
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  • MBA in STEM Leadership

    Starting this fall, MSOE is offering the MBA in STEM Leadership degree designed for Project Lead The Way (PLTW) and Center for BioMolecular Modeling (CBM) teachers.   This degree is among the first of its kind ...
    Frederick Berry
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  • Who are you excited to see at Summerfest?

    Who are you excited to see perform at Summerfest?
    Phoebe Skowronski
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  • Problem with MSOE ID Card Registration

    When I tried registering for the ID card i kept getting a message at the top of the page saying "We were unable to access your campus card account from the information provided. Please try again or contact Support." I...
    Juan Casiano
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  • Basic concerns

    Yes I'm interested in this school but I'm looking to find a great place to stay also. Furthermore does this school provided hardship scholarships. 
    Hylisha Ambler
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  • Help with setting up MSOE Account

    I recently tried to set up my MSOE account, and the system does not recognize me as a person. I contacted the Help desk and they had no idea what was causing the problem...can anyone else help me?
    Elizabeth Kolanczyk
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  • MSOE account set up

    The MSOE system will not let me access my account to set up my security questions.  I tried yesterday and called but the Help Desk said it was a system shut down.  Now is just will not let me do anything.&nb...
    Paul Wichmann
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  • Checking if enrollment deposit has been submitted

    Does anyone know how to check if you have submitted your enrollment deposit? I am only asking because I just saw it is due tomorrow and I'm not sure if I did or not anymore. I just want to be sure I did so if not I ca...
    Brody Brown
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  • Summer Program?

    I Was looking over the summer programs for this year when I noticed they didn't mention anything about getting a scholarship if you ended up going to MSOE after going through one of the programs like it did last year....
    Brody Brown
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  • Housing Application Deadline

    I was just wondering is there a priority deadline for the housing application to be turned in by?
    Brody Brown
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  • Summer Housing

    I am having some trouble finding somewhere on the HUB that lists what normal rates are for the price of a dorm room in the summer. I also can't find whether meal plans are required or not during the summer. If anyon...
    Abby Johnson
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  • Admission Decision

    Hi, I Applied to MSOE about two months ago and i have not gotten any letters or contacts. I was just Wondering who i should contact?
    Benjamin Kuchler
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  • What time do I arrive for Accepted Students Day?

    Hi! I signed up for the Accepted Students Day on January 20, but I haven't received any information on it. Will I get that soon, or should I have had it by now? I just need to know when to get there! Thank you!
    Cassie Giamarusti
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  • MCAA reaches final four

    Congrats to our Mechanical Contractors Association of America student chapter! They are one of four finalists in MCAA's national Student Chapter Competition and will go to Scottsdale, Ariz. in March to defend their ti...
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • Admission requirements help

         Durring my Junior year of High school, I thought I was set on a Psychology major. Now looking back during my Senior year, having changed my Major to Computer Science or Software Engineering, m...
    Sebastian Montoya
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  • Credits for PLTW

    Hello, I know I can receive scholarships for PLTW if I attend MSOE. However, is there a form I need to fill out, through your school, if I want to make sure I get credits that are transferable to other colleges, as well?
    Zachary Breider
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  • Fun in Milwaukee

    What is there to do in Milwaukee that is free?
    Dan Meiser
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  • Admissions Application Question

    Dear Admissions Counselor,   My name is Nicolas Bast and I am very interested in attending MSOE for my degree in Mechanical Engineering.   I applied online a while ago before attending the Focus on the Pos...
    Nicolas Bast
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  • What are you looking forward to this school year?

    The start of a new school year is always exciting. What are you looking forward to most this year?
    JoEllen Burdue
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