Jerone Miller posted 1 year ago
I've heard that MSOE runs year round. Can Anyone direct me to a schedule example? Can anyone tell me when the summer quarter starts? I can't find anything on this site! :'(


  • Jeffrey Sparks

    Jeffrey Sparks 1 year ago

    Hi Jerone, the list of classes being held this summer is right here ( Typically, a class can either run the entirety of the summer, or usually will be condensed into half the time. For each class it will list when the class will start, end and when the final will be. Hope this helps, Jeff
  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 1 year ago

    Sorry you are having a hard time finding things on the site.  Our search tool is getting updated Monday night but if you would like more assistance before then, please let me know.  
  • Josiah Yoder

    Josiah Yoder 1 year ago

    As Jeffrey Sparks mentions, thats