Rose Didier posted 11 months ago
Has anyone else been receiving multiple "phishing" emails lately?  I have and I'm wondering whether or not this is a campus-wide issue or if it's just me?


  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 11 months ago

    If it helps, I have not received any!
  • Sonya Torres-Jackson

    Sonya Torres-Jackson 11 months ago

    yes, all the time. they are sent directly to my funk box.
  • Paul Fabian

    Paul Fabian 11 months ago

    Since we migrated our email host, there is better detection in place to correctly filter SPAM and phishing attacks, but some will always slip through.
    In addition, the financial malware known as Game Over Zeus, which was responsible for millions in banking losses in June, is seeing a revival despite FBI intervention.
    As always, stay suspicious of any unwanted and unsolicited mail, and be careful what you click on!
  • Rose Didier

    Rose Didier 11 months ago

    Thanks, Paul.  I didn't receive any pfishing emails for the longest time, and they've started getting back into my regular and junk email folders.  I'm always suspicious of unknown senders and I never click on anything!