• 2 Minutes of Payne: Get to Class

    The second episode of 2 Minutes of Payne is here!
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • 2 Minutes of Payne: Meet Dr. Michael Payne

    Check out Dr. Payne's first episode in his series, 2 minutes of Payne. Stay tuned for his next episode during week three!  
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  • AAS-EET to BSEE Transfer Plan

    I still have a few semesters left in my Electrical Engineering Technology program, my question is can I take the 3 quarter sequence of Physics at MSOE or is it mandatory that I take at least the first class in order t...
    Matthew Anderson
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  • Credit Transfer

    Hello,   I am interested in transferring to MSOE for mechanical engineering. I have completed year one of a Mechanical engineering program in a university in my country and I would like to know the procedure for...
    Shakoor Dahlan
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  • Changing Careers

    Hi, I am looking into changing my career to civil engineering.  I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, but I want to go back to school for civil engineering.  I would like to get information to...
    Dustin Mihm
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  • Open House for Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing

    Saturday April 12th, 2014 is the next day for an Open House at MSOE. During this day, you will have opportunity to speak to myself, the ASD-BSN Program Director, regarding any questions you have for this program. Plea...
    Jane Paige
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  • Transfer Student

    If a student wants to transfer to MSOE when does the application have to be in for the Fall 2014 semester
    Cindy Fleischman
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  • Accelerated nursing

    When are you admitting the next accelerated class?
    Debra Jenks
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  • Fun in Milwaukee

    What is there to do in Milwaukee that is free?
    Dan Meiser
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  • Graduate Funding/Scholarship

    Is there any funding or a scholarship available for a Graduate student at MSOE if he did not complete his undergrad at MSOE?
    Chaitanya Kulkarni
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  • On-Campus job

    My son will be starting his second year at MSOE as a ME and is thinking of applying for an on-campus job.  Any input??  What if it becomes too much for him, can he opt out?
    Bridget Runner
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