• Hi, I'm currently enrolled at UWSP and Im signing up for classes, help?

    So I already looked up what classes I can take here that will transfer to MSOE. I'm going to be a architectural engineer and the classes that I can are: MSOE - UWSP MA 136 - Math 120 CH 200 - Chem 115 (Which doesn'...
    Ryan Ketterhagen
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  • Fun in Milwaukee

    What is there to do in Milwaukee that is free?
    Dan Meiser
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  • Bookmarking and Favorites

    Does anyone know how to bookmark a page on HUB and how to favorite something?  I can't seem to figure it out!!  Help!   Becky Jeffers Kip Kussman Dana Grennier Dan Meiser Seandra Mitchell Mandy Ru...
    Megan Waelti
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