NiaPearl Minor-Clark posted 1 year ago
I'd love to attend MSOE! Just wondering what the freshmen dorms look like. XD


  • Dan Meiser

    Dan Meiser 1 year ago

    Hi NiaPearl,

    They look like a typical 12ft by 15ft dorms.  Includes a bed, dresser, closet, desk, internet and cable.  Good news is that we are developing brand new dorms off Water St. that will be done fall of 2014.

    Hope this helps!

  • JoEllen Burdue

    JoEllen Burdue 1 year ago

    Hi NiaPearl,
    Here's a link to more information about the residence halls:
    And Dan is right about new housing options coming soon. We are opening a new student residence tower and expect a portion of it to be available in Fall 2014. This tower will feature apartment-like units and is for upperclassmen, graduate students and faculty.