Marybeth Gregor posted 1 year ago
Will It be picking up the old phones and would I have to put a work ticket in if I want to change some things?

How do I change my voice message in the new system>


  • Sarah Rowell

    Sarah Rowell 1 year ago

    Hi Marybeth, I'm not sure when the phones will be picked up, but IT sent an email that had information about the voicemail system attached. I will be happy to scan and send it to you along with the Quick Start brochure.
  • Jen Haro

    Jen Haro 1 year ago

    IT will be picking up the old phones, but that won't start until things settle down with tickets for the new phones. If you would like to request changes be made to your new phone, yes you'll need to put in a ticket and the team will work with you on that.

    The phone quick sheet and voicemail setup sheet are both available in the Information Technology Department - IT  area. Click the Phones link and both documents are in there.
  • Marybeth Gregor

    Marybeth Gregor 1 year ago

    Sarah---I have these but  I can' figure how to change my greeting--when I push 4, it tells me not found.  I was using the first step--set my greeting.  I know that I have a greeting in there, but I want to change it.
  • Marybeth Gregor

    Marybeth Gregor 1 year ago

    Thanks Jen---I just want to have my name changed.  I usually don't go by Marybeth, so when outside people call me and say Mary Gregor,  the system tells them no such person.

  • Eric Durant

    Eric Durant 12 months ago

    Hi Jen Haro  -- Is there a way to ask a question or make a comment in the IT Phones area? I looked through the grid and the FAQs below, but couldn't figure that out.  Thanks.
  • Jen Haro

    Jen Haro 12 months ago

    Hi Eric Durant ,
    That's a great question! I'm still learning the features of the site too so let's give something a try. I just started a discussion in the IT - Phones area, so could you please go try to post your question in it?
    Thanks for experimenting with me!