• GE601 Study Group(s)

    For those currently in GE601 with Dr. Kumpaty, we are initially planning to have two different study groups. They will be Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm in the library. Here is some general info about the group and tip...
    Chaning Ogden
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  • MLH, RWJ or Regents? Why?

    I always wondered what made people choose the dorm they live in...which is your favorite and why?
    Karl Barth
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  • Get social at www.msoe.edu

    MSOE is rolling out a new social website on Aug. 27. Along with a new look and feel, the website will deliver a more personalized experience for visitors. One of the key features of the site will be a community called...
    MSOE News Services
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  • Can you forgive Ryan Braun?

    Dan Meiser
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